Good, wholesome glamour at the Health Quarter

17 February 2012

 Perpetuating the trend for combining natural health concepts with some serious luxury and glamour is the beautiful new Health Quarter boutique, in the heart of Knightsbridge. With world-class nutritional supplements and organic skincare ranges filling the shelves, the resident nutritionists are on hand to guide customers towards the holy grail of optimal health and skin vitality. 

Nutritional advice is what makes the Health Quarter offer unique; customers are warmly invited to ask anything about their diet or lifestyle and receive some friendly, results-focussed advice from resident nutritionists Claire and Rosie. Keen to offer wellbeing information and education to a wider audience, the team will soon be filling the Health Quarter events calendar with workshops, talks and seminars on a range of health topics.

One-to-one nutritional consultation appointments are also available for those needing more in-depth guidance and tailored nutritional protocols. Consultations offer the opportunity to use laboratory testing to analyse the body’s systems and functionality, which could mean getting to the bottom of bloating issues, supporting hormone balance or optimising digestive health.

The specialist nutritional supplements available at the Health Quarter are of the highest-quality, well absorbed, tried and tested by nutrition experts and formulated in appropriate dosages.

“We’ve carefully chosen products that really work and steered clear of the mass market options that don’t always make a difference to people’s wellbeing.”

Claire Harper, Resident Nutritionist

Natural and organic skincare ranges have been selected to offer nourishment from the outside without contributing to the body’s toxic load through the use of harsh chemicals.

“It’s a shame if someone works really hard with diet to support their detoxification processes, only to unknowingly add to the toxins they are already exposed to (e.g. pollution, caffeine, plastics) with cosmetic products full of unnatural ingredients.”

Rosie Millen, Resident Nutritionist

Already whetting the appetite of the residents of Knightsbridge, the Health Quarter is set to become a destination-store for all those desirous of feeling energised and focussed, looking bright and radiant or simply improving their health regime.

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