Rock on Top of Another Rock

3 April 2013

‘In Norway and here, to put one rock on top of another rock in the wilderness is the first thing you do if you want to make a mark. When you walk and you want to find your way back… you make this mark. It is a very archaic, simple thing, but it is referencing the [Robert] Venturi duck. We wanted to make something that forces you to stop your car and get out to take a photograph.’ Peter Fischli

The first public sculpture by the artists to be commissioned in the UK, the work, situated near the entrance to the Serpentine Gallery, comprises two large granite boulders seemingly balanced one on top of the other. Standing approximately 5.5 metres high, Fischli/Weiss’s deceptively simple gesture is incongruous and startling, and yet also in tune with its site. Rock on Top of Another Rock oscillates between stability and instability, construction and destruction.

Rock on Top of Another Rock 
Serpentine Gallery
8 March 2013 – 6 March 2014