Fluoride Workshop for Children at Behrens Dental Practice

9 May 2013

The Behrens Dental Practice will be hosting two workshops to educate families in Oral Hygiene for children

After a short talk, Dr. Andrea Phipps will show you how best to look after your children’s oral health. At the workshop, children will be able to have a fissure sealant and fluoride varnish which helps to protect teeth from cavities and promotes healthy gums. The fissure sealants will be available for £32 per tooth.

All children will receive a free goody bag and whilst at the workshop you will have the oppurtunity to purchase any dental products or book in a checkup.

Fluoride Workshops
Monday 10 June, 4PM & 5PM
The Behrens Dental Practice
21 Thurloe Place
020 7584 8810