Angela Glajcar at Andipa Gallery

8 April 2013

Andipa Contemporary presents  Terforation, the first solo exhibition in the UK of contemporary sculptor Angela Glajcar.

Glajcar’s work embodies sculpture and installation; it examines the way in which space is experienced using a material that is fragile and light. In the act of ripping and perforating a material that is traditionally used as a two-dimensional support, Glajcar gives paper a strong sculptural presence. The vertically hung sheets of white paper produce hollow impressions of great depth drawing the viewer inward.

Terforation is Angela Glajcar’s debut UK solo exhibition and includes large-scale sculptural works alongside smaller earlier works dating from 2009 – 2011.

View the e-catalogue here:  Angela Glajcar | Terforation

10 April- 11 May
Andipa Gallery
162 Walton Street
020 7589 2371