Brompton Today

Brompton is situated in west London, stretching from Harrods in Knightsbridge to the cultural centre of South Kensington. The Brompton parish dates back to 1818 when it was known for the market gardens of the Brompton Nurseries.

Together with the major institutions of the V&A and the Royal College of Art & Design, the area has long been known for its contribution to art, design and education. Today this is reflected in the mix of the museum culture, design shops and institutions, fashion and food, thus creating a vibrant mix of contemporary and traditional local amenities.

Since taking ownership of the ‘Brompton Quarter’ property portfolio in 2003, South Kensington Estates has been working with local stakeholders to develop plans to enhance the area. The vision for Brompton is to restore the historical links with art, design and culture, and for the area to be:

  • A thriving neighborhood where the importance of architectural heritage, economic development and community are recognised and encouraged;
  • Set within a public realm that is attractive and sensitive to the location and importance of the area;
  • A community where a culturally diverse range of people can live, work, learn and visit in comfort, safety and enjoyment;
  • High quality local retailing including food and local amenity shops to service local residents;
  • Design-led, building on the design heritage of the area